How To Add A Manager To Your YouTube Business Channel

Are you wondering how to add a manager to your YouTube business channel?

If you’d like to add someone to your business channel so they can upload videos, change youtube video titles, change or add video descriptions or maybe you want your managers to reply to comments, you can do so without worrying about having them have full access to your YouTube main username or passwords and worry they might delete something like your full account.

You will need to make sure your account is attached with a Google+ account or you will not see the youtube channel manager feature. This is a great way to keep things safe but still have the ability to have someone you trust manage your youtube channel or channels.

Here I will take you through the steps so please watch the video below and I will take you through it.

That is how you can easily add a Manager to your YouTube Channel. Please SHARE this video for anyone you know that will need help adding a manager to their youtube channel.

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